Young writers: more fucked now than they ever have been

The plight of the Lingua Franca freelancers whose final payments from the now-defunct journal are being sought by the trustee in bankruptcy is the centerpiece of Rachel Donadio’s current Observer article. While a firm with a formidable bankruptcy department has agreed to represent the writers pro bono, Donadio says the picture for young writers remains bleak.

She goes on, comparing the situation of the freelancers with that of established Upper West Side professional intellectuals:

If ever there was a moment of generational split, this winter of our discontent is it. One need only consider the contrast: The struggling freelancers for a now-defunct journal of ideas are handed court papers, while the professional intellectuals [such as The New Yorker‘s David Denby], the ones with coveted staff jobs and 401(k)’s, are using prime literary real estate to lament their middle-aged romantic failures. The old guard is unraveling, the new guard is being sued.

Points off for Donadio’s gratuitous trivialization of Spalding Gray’s depression and disappearance. (Via Sarah.)

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