Private: Yet another Chicago Manual of Style article

The paper of record considers the new edition of the Chicago Manual of Style. And it is a relief to learn that it’s okay to begin sentences with “and”:

…the manual’s first chapter on grammar and usage, written by Bryan A. Garner, [includes] instructions on whether it is all right to use “and” and “but” at the beginning of a sentence. “And” has been O.K. since Chaucer’s time, Mr. Garner said.

“The shibboleth persists that it isn’t,” he said. But the great grammarian H. W. Fowler, author of Modern English Usage, called it “a monstrous doctrine,” he said. Mr. Garner, himself the author of A Dictionary of Modern American Usage, did a study on the issue. “Ten percent of sentences in first-rate writing begin with `and’ or `but,’ ” he said.

Also of interest: while there is no “received wisdom” on proper Web site citation format, the editors “‘decided it was in the interest of people being able to track down sources to include full URL’s.'”