Private: Writers take a beating

From John Scalzi’s Utterly Useless Writing Advice:

My clients and editors tell me that one of the things they absolutely freakin’ hate about writers is that they’ll ask a writer to do something in a certain way, and the writer just won’t listen. He or she will want to do it another way, and will then get all pissy and moody when they’re told ‘no.’ Because they’re creative, you see. They have this vision. And it should be respected.

No. No. No.

(Via the always sexy Old Hag.)

From Gawker’s anonymous publishing correspondent:

I’ve worked in publishing for over seven years now, and let me tell you that writers are the whiniest bunch of babies. Books, like music and film, are fucking commodities. They always were. Plenty of stuggling indie musicians and filmmakers have had to endure shitty day jobs to support their artistic endeavours. You don’t see them whining in a public forum….

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