When you’re right, you’re right

This post was written by guest blogger Andy Fine.

I love reading reviews of Submission. Few books inspire such passionate opinions. Wait until they make the film version — I wonder if the French art-house porn movie-version will garner similar praise.

This review is especially wicked:

While it would be presumptuous to say that “Submission” has no literary value whatsoever, this reviewer could find none. It is also worth noting that if a book has even a hint of redeeming smut, despite its dearth of literary merit, I will usually not only appreciate this but also race eagerly through it (pausing, of course, to highlight and dog-ear especially salient passages for later, more leisurely rereading).

There should be an award for books like Submission — great sex scenes but still unreadable. We’ll call it the Glamorama Award.

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