Private: When Gibb brothers go bad.

This post was written by guest blogger Carrie Frye.

Illustration of the Thanatos principle at work on the Web. I’d love to see this guy’s tax ID: necromancer/prophet/ theologian/ savior. What, no actor/director?

Best is the notation for Tuesday, July 15 (scroll down on the home page). There a deep message is translated into multiple languages, maintaining a gravitas in English (“Dwelling within the solitude of alienation”) and Italian (“la solitudine di alienazione”) that goes completely tits-up once it hits the Norwegian (“Boing”).

Is this why there is no Norwegian equivalent of Alistair Crowley? The incantations don’t quite come off?

I laugh but later, you should know, I’ll be looking over my shoulder, sure that a horde of ravening, necromancing Masons is creeping up on my cubby. Boing! Boing!