When Canadians attack!

This post was written by Friday blogger Annie Reid.

Toronto’s weekly, the Eye, has a great response to last week’s listing in Human Events, the conservative weekly, of the Ten Most Dangerous Books of all time. The list, they say:

…provides a fascinating lesson in what separates the left and right: for the latter, danger and harm are ultimately subjective concepts, rooted in ideas, not actions. It’s why they’re so eager to censor hip-hop lyrics or go to war without proof of WMD….There’s a moral here, one many American conservatives should easily recognize: books don’t harm people; people harm people. And people who think books are harmful tend to be the most harmful people of all.

They have their own tongue-in-cheek version of the most dangerous books (“The Pet Goat” features prominently, and God the author seems to have penned more than one).

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