What would Gramsci say?

I assume all of you have heard about Pentagon’s (now scrapped) plan to allow investors to “place bets on events in the Middle East occurring by a certain time—say, a biochemical attack on Israel before June 2004—and collect real money if they happened.” I thought I should mention it, just in case. (Thanks to Pasha Malla for bringing the story to my attention yesterday.)

Also, that allegation Bob Graham made last year about a foreign government’s involvement in the September 11, 2001, terror attacks, has finally made the papers:

Senator Bob Graham, a Democrat from Florida, a presidential candidate and co-chairman of the Congressional committee that issued the report on intelligence lapses before the September 2001 attacks told reporters today that the administration “went beyond national security” to keep the chapter secret.

Asked what information the chapter contained, Mr. Graham refused to comment on whether it was about Saudi Arabia, but he said, “In my judgment there is compelling evidence that a foreign government provided direct support through officials and agents of that government to some of the Sept. 11 hijackers.”

Mr. Graham, who asserted that almost all of the chapter could be released without damaging American intelligence interests, said the administration was trying to protect foreign governments, hide the lapses of American intelligence agencies and prevent the public from having a fuller account of the role played by other countries.

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