Wednesday morning miscellany

  • Neil Tennant of the Pet Shop Boys once worked at Marvel Comics UK. (Photo above.)
  • Another unqualified War on Terror success: Georgia novelist Joshilyn Jackson “was arrested and jailed because her maiden name was on her Social Security card and her married name was on her driver’s license.” (Via.)
  • Paul Giamatti has signed on to play Philip K. Dick in a biopic.
  • John Banville joins Chrissie Hynde and John Hurt on a judging panel for the Edinburgh International Film Fest.
  • Bret Easton Ellis may have intended his latest novel to fit within the horror genre, but you won’t find it shelved in that section of the bookstore.
  • A dispute with Borges’ widow has prevented a French publisher from reprinting its critically acclaimed edition of the author’s complete works.

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