Web-only comics creators aspire to make transition to print

Lore Sjöberg reports in Wired about San Francisco’s Alternative Press Expo, which hosts three generations of comics creators, including many artists who are currently running web-only comics but aspire to make the jump to print:

New comics artists are attracted to the Web, not only because it allows them to build a fan base, but also due to the Web’s low cost of entry and its worldwide distribution. It’s also a place where creators can find their own audience without having to fit into a predetermined market, but the promise of print still beckons.

When Paige Braddock began Jane’s World — a strip about the daily life of a lesbian and her friends — she found that publishers and syndicates were uneasy with the content. “I wasn’t really gay enough for gay papers,” she says of the reaction to the strip. “And I was too gay for straight papers.”

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