Village bars and restaurants

Last week I roped a coworker into an annoying work-related thing. He has not quite forgiven me, but I tried to atone by buying him drinks at a West Village bar last night.

The smoking ban in all NYC bars and restaurants notwithstanding, at least five people lit up more than once while we were there. (You can email me at maud at miamistories dot com for more information.)

Right now I’m sitting at work and waiting for the folks at the Grey Dog to deliver my lunch.

Even though the weather has forced me to order in more often than not in the past month, and the Grey Dog is my standby, I haven’t ordered from them in weeks. There are so many options in these parts.

If you work in Greenwich Village, don’t like to go out to lunch on rainy spring days, and are sick of ordering from the same old places, here are some suggestions:

Moustache, Lebanese.

Delivery times are decent, and the food is reliably good. I’m not a huge fan of the falafel; the lentil salad with dried onions on top is amazing.

Havana Village, Cuban.

The black beans and rice are the best I’ve had in the city. I belatedly realized that they’re so good because they, like the ones I used to eat in Miami (before I kicked off on my pseudo-vegetarianism in 1990), are made with pork. Avoid the maduros (sweet plantains), which are dry. The grilled corn and cheese thingie is amazing. The fried yuca is good, and so are the shakes.

Surya, Indian.

The lunch boxes–all $6.95–change daily. There’s always a vegetarian option. The rice is a little dry, but otherwise the food is good.

Mexicana Mama, Mexican.

Their food is excellent. Period.

Lunchbox Food Co., Fusion.

The grilled salmon salad is good, and I’m told the burgers are the best in the neighborhood. It’s a great place to dine in, not least because of its odd location (next to a strip club, on the West Side Highway). I don’t order from them anymore, because I’ve had bad experiences with wait times and cold food, but at least one coworker swears by them. Whatever you do, no matter how tempting it sounds, do not order the all-day breakfast options unless you like your eggs cold and your toast disappointing.

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