Private: Used books, more

Newsweek reports that used books are cheap and plentiful on the Internet, but author Larry McMurtry isn’t interested in selling online. (Thanks to Kim for the link.)

A more detailed article about online sales of used books originally appeared in The New York Times Magazine and has been republished at The Age. (Via The Literary Saloon.)

The BBC’s Big Read project shows that “television’s ability to sell books extends beyond Oprah.” British readers have cast more than 140,000 votes for the top 100 books. Now all of these finalists are “being promoted in an extravaganza of reading events and promotions that booksellers hope will lead to a frenzy of book buying between now and the next round of voting for the top 20 in September.” (Via Zuzu’s Petals Literary Resource.)

George Plimpton, editor of The Paris Review, is set to write a memoir. (Via Moorish Girl.)

We here at are hopelessly behind on the graphic novel and comics front. Oh, sure, Maus and Ghost World are great, but that’s where the knowledge ends. It is unlikely that the appropriate steps to remedy this situation will be taken. But most of you are no doubt more literate and aware, and will be unsurprised to learn that graphic novels are “one of the fastest growing categories in publishing.” (Via Arts Journal.)