Private: Two digested reads

Slate‘s Bryan Curtis distills Joe Eszterhas’ Hollywood Animal down to its juciest bits:

Begin Hollywood Animal by turning to Page 4. Read about how producer Bob Evans, finding himself enamored with an Eszterhas script, sent the writer a woman with a congratulatory note tucked into her vagina. Stop reading after Eszterhas admits, “The note smelled fantastic.” Now skip to Page 35, and read Eszterhas’ admission that Sharon Stone’s famous leg-crossing scene in Basic Instinct wasn’t in his script. The idea came from director Paul Verhoeven, who later partnered with Eszterhas on Showgirls.

Skip the next 137 pages.

Meanwhile, the Guardian‘s current digested read is Brother and Sister, new from publicity whore-turned-recluse Joanna Trollope:

“I’m becoming anxious that my normal home counties lifestyle is under threat,” Steve thought.

“I’ve decided I need to discover who my birth mother is,” said David, over dinner.

“I’m not feeling at all happy that David is no longer happy to be happy with just me,” Marnie confided to Lynne.

“And I’m not at all happy about Nathalie and David,” Lynne sobbed. “They might be happier without me.”