Tuesday afternoon miscellany

  • John Banville, Hilary Mantel, Jonathan Lethem, Francisco Goldman, Rebecca Goldstein, William Gass and other writers reflect on the first novel. (Via Rockslinga; only some of the contributions are available online.)
  • John Derbyshire looks back at Lolita. Pandagon responds. (“I love it — most of us would assume someone who humps a 12-year-old like he’s a dog going after your leg is the dictionary definition of a ‘lousy lover’, but Derbyshire had to have someone point it out to him.”)
  • Accidental plagiarism, and writerly revenge for it. (“So last spring I’m reading a new GW collection and suddenly I come across a character with my name who gets struck and killed by a car.”)
  • Bill Paxton will star in an adaptation of The Second Coming, the only Walker Percy novel I’ve never read. Shooting begins in Greenville, S.C, next year.
  • A PBS documentary film series, Borders, includes writers Yiyun Li and Ariel Dorfman talking about “American Identity.”
  • Preparation for life?: Players of “The PATRIOT Act: The Home Version” board game “can be penalized for being Arab, sent to Guantánamo Bay and accused of sedition.”

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