“Troubled queen”?! Sounds like the trials of Oscar Wilde.

Remember, lo those many months ago, when Lizzie observed that the victims of Dale Peck’s scathing book reviews “can get a little, ‘Listen to her'”? Remember how you laughed but weren’t really sure what to think?

Well, folks, the proof is in Christopher Hart’s U.K. Sunday Times review of What We Lost, which Emma kindly forwards. Here’s the last paragraph:

Stanley Crouch, one of the author-as-reviewer’s victims, has declared that ‘Dale Peck is a troubled queen, and the only person who cares about him being a troubled queen is himself’. I don’t know whether Peck is a troubled queen or not, and I don’t care either. But he certainly is one dickens of a writer – and maybe, annoyingly, he really is one of the best writers around. What We Lost gives us an infinitely precious sense of a more responsible, more austere, and much, much tougher America.

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