Trends and piracy

Jack Shafer, in Slate, bemoans “trendspotting articles,” particularly when they appear in “newsless August.”

Meanwhile, Ed Park thinks he sees a trend in Japanese American fiction. I’m not sure I understand exactly what trend he has identified, but maybe I’m just a bit thick after last night’s carousing.

Joy Press says publishing companies have been far too complacent about the potential for digital piracy of print works:

Bibliophiles find absurd the idea that people will ever abandon the sensuous pleasures of reading—the smell of the paper, the heft of the book—for dematerialized text on a screen. But record collectors said the exact same thing about the compact disc, complaining about the sterile perfection of digital sound and the disappearance of lavish album sleeves. Since then, a new generation has emerged that is totally comfortable with the idea of music as disembodied, digitally encoded information.

(Via Bookslut.)

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