Private: To flee or not to flee

Gregory Dicum argues that, “in increments, we have become a different nation,” and considers the different points at which some of us might decide “to bid farewell to yet another homeland.”(Thanks to GMB for the link.)

My family has been in this country for a long time. One of my maternal ancestors founded Northampton, Massachusetts; his father came to this country in the early 1600’s from England.

On my father’s side, I had an ancestor who came to Virginia from Scotland on a land grant from the king.

I have never been or known myself to be anything other than someone from the U.S. My family simply does not have stories about life in the old country.

I have only known life here. My parents have only known life here. Their parents have only known life here, and their parents have only known life here. I have never, ever contemplated settling somewhere else before now. And in the final analysis I’m not ready to pack up my stuff. But I keep thinking about it.

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