Private: This time, for real?

Salon may fold within the next two weeks.

I still read Salon every few days, mostly for Joe Conason’s Journal, the rest of the political content, and some of the arts and literary coverage.

But my interest in the site started to wane a couple of years ago, when it first started dumping news and arts content and refocusing on sex and gossip. Some of the sex articles have been decent, but in my opinion much of the stuff designed to titillate (i.e., “Diary of a Manhattan Call Girl“) is less potent than content you’d find on Nerve or any number of free sites devoted to sexual content.

And maybe it’s just me, but some of the sex columns that purport to double as film criticism or cultural critique are about as compelling as diary entries written by a horny teenage boy who isn’t getting any.

Still, Salon is one of the few liberal media outposts these days. And it’s got a decent books section.

I hope it manages to survive.

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