Private: Thirlwell, Freudenberger, Haddon, more

The Literary Saloon notes that Adam Thirlwell’s Politics, which received a great deal of press coverage in the UK, has “appeared in the US — to little or no notice so far.” I’ve mentioned before that Thirlwell was selected for Granta’s Best of the Young British Novelists 2003. The story that appeared in that issue is available online.

The Literary Saloon proprietors continue to loathe Nell Freudenberger, and offer a roundup of the latest reviews.

Mark Haddon explains what was on his mind as he sat down to write The Curious Incident of the Dog in Night-Time. (Via Moorish Girl.)

Martin Amis was interviewed by Adam Mars-Jones on BBC Radio 3’s Nightwaves. (Select the “Friday” link; via Splinters.)

Heidi Julavits appeared on KCRW’s Bookworm. (Via Gawker.)

In an interview with Robert Birnbaum last year Alain de Botton discussed the reasons he decided to stop writing fiction.