Private: They shut down the power all along the line

Nothing like a little L train fire to start the day off right!

Fortunately, I wasn’t on the train that caught fire (in the Lorimer station).*

I was on the train behind it, at Graham Ave., where the doors stood wide open for 50 minutes and I had the pleasure of seeing some schmuck in a green, foam-front trucker hat and aviator glasses berate his girlfriend the entire time we stood there.

He yelled at her for convincing him to move with her to East Williamsburg because “the train sucks and $1000/month is too much for a 2 bedroom.”**

He yelled at her for putting pink dye in her hair.

He yelled at her for failing to return his mother’s recent call (which was, the girlfriend said, to him, not her).

And he yelled at her because the volume on the speaker was too low for him to hear the announcer’s explanation for train delay.

Due to Mr. Charming’s tirade, no one else could hear the announcer either.

Finally, the dispatcher walked down to our car and told us that power to the L line had been cut.

I took the G from Metropolitan to Hoyt Schemerhorn and got to work an hour and fifteen minutes late.

*Update: Evidently there was no fire. A woman fainted and fell on the tracks.

** $1000/month for a 2 bedroom in the neighborhood is below market.

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