Private: They should also know better than to try to write about politics and must always let the man win at card games

According to Laura Miller, female authors have more difficulty writing a book from the first-person plural (“we”) perspective than male authors do. “The communal inclinations of women, though often praised, are riddled with ambivalence, and that makes the first-person plural a particularly fraught choice for women writers,” she argues.

Where’s the ambivalence in Rand, whose Anthem Miller mentions? Rand may be a shitty writer, but she’s about as didactic as they come. And, closer to hand, while weblogs aren’t narratives, Lizzie Skurnick’s Old Hag site uses the first-person plural as adroitly as TMFTML‘s.

I keep resolving to stop mentioning Miller’s columns until I find one to agree with, but she continues to come up with such infuriating, simplistic theses that I just can’t stop myself.