The year in literature: a Dave Barry perspective

In anticipation of my trip to Miami, I bring you Dave Barry’s 2003 year in review. From the entry for July:

On the literary front, the blockbuster bestseller of the year is the long-awaited fifth Harry Potter book, Harry Potter Reaches Puberty and Starts Taking Really Long Showers. Another hot seller is Sen. Hillary Clinton’s new book, I Can’t Help It If I’m a Saint, in which, with great candor and openness, her ghostwriter reveals the most intimate details of Sen. Clinton’s life, except the parts that might be interesting, which fall within Sen. Clinton’s Zone of Privacy. Promoting her book on a nationwide, multicity Zone of Privacy Tour, Sen. Clinton repeatedly denies that she plans to run for president, insisting that she is totally dedicated to “representing my constituents in, you know, that state.”

(Thanks to Katie for the link.)

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