Private: The sequel: the toppings after the pizza’s been eaten

As Dana signed her new Queens lease by pencil keylight last week (and her landlord assured her the power outage was accidental), she talked with one of the real estate agents about his would-be children’s book and illustrations:

“So, ah, you’re a realtor?”

“Yup. But also I’m an illustrator.” He pointed to a framed drawing on his desk, right next to the unicorn pencil cup. “That’s a children’s book I drew.”

“Really? How … neat,” I replied, losing steam as I examined the picture closely. It was the “cover” for his “book,” a lovely little tale about anthropomorphic pizza toppings and the pizza on which they live. One of the characters was broccoli. This would not have been *my* first- or even eighth-choice topping. “They, ah, live on a pizza?” I asked.