The essence of Pericles

From Shakespeare’s Pericles, condensed:

PERICLES: Hello, king. I’d like to marry your daughter.

ANTIOCHUS: Well, first you have to answer this riddle. Answer incorrectly, and you die:
My first is in Paris, my second in France,
The rest is…whatever, I’m having sex with my daughter.

PERICLES: Uh…how about if I answer that tomorrow?

ANTIOCHUS: Oh, sure, think about it as long as you like.

PERICLES: (aside) I suspect he’s having sex with his daughter. I probably shouldn’t say anything about it. Maybe I’ll just go back home to Tyre. (he exits)

ANTIOCHUS: Hmm, I think he might have figured it out. Thaliard!

THALIARD: (entering) Yes?

ANTIOCHUS: I need you to kill Pericles for me.


(Monday’s TMFTML = Thursday’s

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