Private: The critic

TMFTML points us to Lester Bangs on Brian Eno. As usual, The Minor Fall proprietor has preselected the juiciest quote:

Every time a pretty girl walked by, [Eno’s] head would swivel and he would comment admiringly, like either a kid at a parade or a guy who’d just got out of prison. I mentioned that I was getting ready to do a story on prostitution, interviewing call girls from a midtown agency that advertised in Screw, and he said: “I called for a girl in response to one of those ads once. It said ‘Unusual black girls.’ So I phoned and said, ‘Just what do you mean by unusual?’ They said, ‘Just what did you have in mind?’ I said, ‘Well, I’d like one that was bald with an astigmatism.’ ‘Well, we’ll see what we can do,’ they said. They found the astigmatism but no the baldness.”

“Why astigmatism?” I wondered.

“I’m terribly attracted to women with ocular damage.”

Last week at Slate, Sasha Frere-Jones suggested that Bangs’ affiliation with the Jehovah’s Witnesses “left a heavy footprint” on his criticism. And in Salon today, Andrew Leonard says he wants to be Bangs’ “blog dog!”