Private: The big sister

Did anyone else have an “I’m the Big Sister” t-shirt as a kid?

Mine was pink with hot pink lettering, and my sister had the matching little sister shirt.

I was in fourth grade when I finally refused to wear mine. I’d complained before, but my mom just kept buying a bigger size when I grew out of them.

I guess I didn’t fully appreciate exactly how geeky they were until I was nine. That year I was unexpectedly diagnosed as nearsighted, so that my glasses crashed up into my face when I tripped over the kickball while trying to punt it toward third.

Wearing a shirt that acknowledged the existence of my little sister in any way was suddenly unthinkable.

I guess the shirts would have come in handy during my early college years, when my sister (who is five years younger) was assumed to be the older sister. She could buy alcohol with my license. I could not.

Another phenomenon from my young life: the best friend charm. Remember those?

Now the two ideas are conveniently merged in this item for sale on ebay.

Don’t all rush out at once now, you hear?

selling like hotcakes

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