Ten favorite books, ever

When Bob Sassone asked me to list my top ten books of all time for a feature at Professor Barnhart’s Journal, I couldn’t. I’ve learned not to pin myself down like that. My tastes change too much. Three years ago I would’ve put Eudora Welty’s The Optimist’s Daughter on the list, but when I returned to it last year I was turned off by the cartoonish stepmother character.

Most people, fortunately, are more decisive. Visit the site to see top ten books lists from Roger Ebert, Steve Almond, Tod Goldberg, Marty Beckerman, Ned Vizzini, Robert Birnbaum, Ron Hogan, Jessa Crispin, James Norton, Adam Finley, Jade Walker, Joe Lavin, Brian Lewandowski, and Bob Sassone.