Teachout audio

I was just logging on to mention Terry Teachout‘s appearance on Studio 360 today at 1. The problem is that Terry appeared on the show at 10 a.m. The embarrassment of my lapse is compounded by the fact that he mentioned this site in glowing terms and the MaudNewton.com URL is now listed on the Studio 360 website. Talk about M.N.S.T. screw-ups.

Before killing myself out of remorse, I’m going to listen to the show, which is about the role of the professional critic in today’s cultural discussion. It’ll be archived here. If you’re in NYC, you can hear the show on A.M. 820 at 7 p.m. tomorrow night. Other station listings are online.

Update: If for no other reason, listen to hear Terry laughing at Mel Brooks’ comments about critics.

Further update: Okay, I’ve finally heard the whole thing, and if you have any interest in criticism there are many reasons to listen. Terry talks about the importance to a critic of flexibility, of a willingness to give voice to ideas that may change the argument you expect to advance when you sit down to write.

As traditional media continue to take less interest in fine art, Terry believes criticism is likely to shift to the Internet. And if you’re a lover of the fine arts and literature wringing your hands over the lack of arts coverage in your local newspaper, he says you should start a blog.

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