Superpower graphics

In The Situation Room, A.K.W. Geheimbundler reminisces about his discovery of Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns, a graphic novel that recasts Batman as “a twisted figure of rage and vengeance” and comments on “the Reagan-era ‘law and order’ mentality.”

Possibly in the same vein, A.K.W. says, is the forthcoming Superman: Red Son series, which “imagines what would have happened if baby Kal-El’s ship had crash-landed in the Ukraine instead of middle America.” The reviewer at Pop Matters doesn’t see the point, but author Mark Millar says the story:

is an Orwellian examination of what happens when the balance of power tilts in the world and one country finds itself the only world superpower….

Not all Superman fans are happy about the novel. The Times (of London) quotes one lifelong fan, who believes that “politicising Superman is a mistake.”

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