Sundry, and happy weekend

All of us at headquarters — even the cats — find ourselves exhausted, cranky, withdrawn and quite possibly feverish (if we only had a thermometer, we could see for ourselves, but we accidentally dashed it against the floor last year and never did find that pesky sliver of mercury).

Because things in the Aulenback household seem to be more or less the same, minus the crankiness and fever, we cannot promise you that Ms. Stephany Aulenback will be able to work her usual Friday magic.

(Some folks still don’t seem to have realized that Stephany takes over this site every Friday, but short of a banner announcement with music, we’re not sure what else we can do to clarify the weekly switch.)

In short, whether there will be new posts on this site tomorrow is anyone’s guess. But before throwing the covers over our heads and weeping quietly into the night for no good reason at all, we would like to wish The Elegant Variation a happy one-year anniversary (and its proprietor, Mark Sarvas, a memorable jaunt to Paris), and to congratulate Ms. Elizabeth Spiers on her new gig at Mediabistro.

In the event that no new posts materialize tomorrow, you may entertain yourselves by scrolling through all the words in this post and contemplating the photo of writer Harry Crews laid side-by-side with one of the evil alien from Predator.

Have a great weekend.

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