Private: Sunday night

So, yes, I’m back in New York City. The night before our flight, South Floridians were pulling out their winter coats as temperatures dipped down to 55. A high of 70 degrees was projected in Ft. Lauderdale on the day we returned.

Yesterday’s high in Central Park was something like 8 degrees, with an apparent temperature below zero. Aside from a foray to the Bowery Ballroom last night for the Scissor Sisters show, I’ve spent most of the weekend on the sofa with the cats, lying under a wool throw and wondering whether I’m going to have to buy some fingerless ice fishing gloves so I can type in my apartment without losing digits to frostbite.

Not that I’m bitter.

Many, many thanks to Stephany for filling in, beautifully as always. And a belated Happy New Year to all of you.