Private: Subway drama

Okay, it was weird enough when, at the West Fourth Street station, we encountered seven National Guardsmen holding M-16’s, and four or five cops. Some were planted in position, some were patroling, and I heard one of the cops say, “we need to spread out.”

The A train came and we meekly got on and rode it to 14th.

(Members of the National Guard stand in the subways these days, sure, but you only see one or two and the real artillery is reserved for Times Square, Penn Station, Grand Central, and the like.)

Anyway, then the L wasn’t running to Brooklyn. We rode it from 8th Avenue to 3rd where we were summarily told to disembark. We finally hailed a cab with some other stranded Williamsburgers, one of whom said that there has been a police action at Bedford for the last 2 or 3 hours. We crossed the Williamsburg Bridge and there was a sea of cabs trying to struggle toward Bedford.

Anybody know what’s going on? If so, email me: maud[@]