Private: Strict interpretation, with UPC codes

Why am I not surprised that the country’s first “creationist theme park and museum” sprang up in Florida? At Dinosaur Adventure Land, children can:

“find out the truth about dinosaurs” with games that roll science and religion into one big funfest with the message that Genesis, not science, tells the real story of the creation.

Kent Hovind, the minister who opened the park in 2001, said his aim was to spread the message of creationism through a fixture of mainstream America — the theme park — instead of pleading its case at academic conferences and in courtrooms.

Despite his generally strict interpretation approach to the Bible, Hovind embraces my Mom’s favorite theory — “that ‘the mark of the beast’ from Revelation[] 13:16 is actually the UPC bar code.” (Thanks to Patriot Boy, via Max, for the link.)