Private: Still more subject lines from Mom’s email

Fw: Fw: For You
Fw: Fw: wish it was this easy
Fw: Fw: Digital Age
Fw: Fwd: Thermos & The Blonde
Fw: Fwd: Lorena Bobbitt’s Sister Arrested
Fw: Fw: [Fwd: Fw: Free food for Animal Rescue League]
Fw: Fw: Church Squirrels
Fw: Fw: The Weather
Fw: Fw: Personal Information goes public
Fw: Fw: Now I’m 64
Fw: Fw: Aluminum in Antipersprant
Fw: Fw: New Day
Fw: Fw: Prayer for Our Times
Fw: Fw: Jokes!!!!!
Fw: Fw: FW: FW: funny
Fw: Be aware – Be WARNED
Fw: Fwd: FW: Purple Hats & Beautiful Women
Fw: Fwd: Pajamas
Fw: Fwd: Bumper stickers women might use
Fw: Fwd: FW: Nuns at the Ball Game
Fw: Fw: Awwww

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