Private: Still more about the ULA, etc.

Page Six takes note of Dave Eggers’ concerns about Tom Bissell’s ULA article, which recently appeared in the Believer:

Many writers, including Dave Eggers . . . were against this piece; their concern was that anything that might fuel the ULA’s anger was a bad idea, as it might result in new eruptions and cause distress to fellow writers.”

If you’ve read the article and followed my links to the ongoing discussion in the forum at the Atlantic Monthly site, the only new information in Speigelman’s column is a mention of this pro-ULA, anti-Believer article and this quote from Bissell:

If they think I wrote it to make them fold up their tent, that’s pretty silly. I wrote it because the kinds of things they talk about are interesting to me – especially as a small-town Midwestern boy who has often argued that publishing is slanted against certain kinds of writing. Whereas I see [lamentable] human nature, though, the ULA sees omerta and conspiracy.

(Via Moby Lives.)

TMFTML‘s response to an article calling for censure of “vulgarity” in British literature and the press:

Dear Lower Orders,

I fear that any exposure to depictions of sexual license in literature will erode your sense of restraint. Please avoid them.

Theodore Dalrymple

P.S. Bring back the rope.

Hahaha! Ha! Oh, me.

In other news, writer Ashok K. Banker is in the process of negotiating a larger advance than Vikram Seth’s much-mentioned £1.3 million deal. Seth’s advance was the highest recorded for a literary memoir. Banker’s deal is for a “seven-part retelling of the Ramayana.” (Link via Kitabkhana.)

Another small, traditionally academic publishing house is set to cash in on the demand for right-wing books. (Also via Moby Lives.)

NY Times Editor Bill Keller is happy with Kantor’s performance. (Via Romanesko.)