Private: States setting inmates free to keep taxes low

I’ve posted on an embarrassing number of occasions about the fiscal crisis the states are experiencing in the wake of the aggressive tax cuts of the 90’s, the economic slowdown, and the federal estate tax repeal. State tax revenues are in the longest period of negative growth since World War II.

To cut costs, some states are opting to release inmates from prison instead of raising taxes.

Added 12/19: Lucky duckies exposed in today’s Tom the Dancing Bug. (Thanks Gina!)

Also, an excerpt from an email exchange with a friend:

Me: I’ve got to get off my tax soapbox.

Friend: I think it’s awesome. Misquoted, I’m sure, but I ran across this from Fran L. the other night: “They say dog is man’s best friend, but they’ve never been introduced to a tax attorney.”

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