Private: Stairs and photocopies

Tibor Fischer discusses his decision to fire his agent, Andrew Wylie, “alias The Jackal.” He wants you to know that:

….this wasn’t an amicable parting of the ways or a hankering on my part for fresh representation. I fired him because his agency wasn’t doing enough for me. This wasn’t a tantrum because he hadn’t sold my book to Hollywood for a couple of million. It was a well considered verdict as I climbed the stairs to his office to collect the German edition of one of my novels which had been sitting on a shelf there for months and which I had politely asked to be sent to me four times. It suddenly occurred to me that an agent should be making my life easier, not harder.

The Wylie Agency also had what seemed to me a quite astonishing attitude towards photocopying charges….

Fischer seems to hold The Jackal partly responsible for Martin Amis’ Yellow Dog, which he says is so bad, it’s “like your favourite uncle being caught in a school playground, masturbating.” (Via Publishers Lunch.)

Read an old, “rare interview with the reclusive Tibor Fischer,” here.