Private: Speaking of cold weather

From The Lonely Hearts Patrol Group, by Eugenia Klopsis

“Winter sets in,” he sighed. “That’s when people give up.”

Also, Brooklyn maps are live on Mr. Beller’s Neighborhood.

Next week, Mr. Beller says, we can expect a slew of “Brooklyn based stories by Hannah McCouch, Fran Giuffre, and others, as well as a portfolio of paintings by Nina Talbot based on her local Shop-Rite.”

From this week’s email:

If you move your cursor over the big landmass at the bottom of the main map, Brooklyn lights up. If you click it, the word “Brooklyn” appears, like a sign at the entrance of a haunted house, and then you are looking at whole new topography. There are lot of green locator dots on the map, and not many red story dots. Hopefully that will begin to change. If you or anyone you know has been contemplating writing a Brooklyn based story, now is the time. There will also be a reading next month at Barbe’s in Park Slope to commemorate this new development. Information to come.

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