Something funny, fast

Sorry to blindside you with two political posts (scroll down) when I said I was taking the day off. That’s what happens when Mr. Maud and I start playing pool and drinking Maker’s Mark in the early afternoon.*

I guess I should slap something funny up here before I drive everybody away for good. So why don’t you read Sean Carman’s “Lessons Learned from My Study of Literature“?:

Alcoholism has a sadly romantic quality that conventional attitudes overlook. Society = afraid to say this!

The thing about adultery is it’s the highest expression of pure human freedom.

Okay, back tomorrow sometime.

*Actually, Mr. Maud is suffering from a terrible cold. On his birthday. Can you believe it? Also, I’ve had maybe one beer since last Thursday night. And I never play pool. That’s, like, a sport, right?

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