Some writers are braver than others

Flux Factory presents “Novel: a living installation,” which “takes the isolation of the writer to a rather extreme conclusion in order to investigate what will be produced under those conditions.” Although writing is solitary, the Flux site says, “it is also a performance.” And beginning at 9 p.m. on May 7th:

three novelists will be enclosed within three individual habitats designed and constructed by three teams of architect/artists. For thirty days, this will be their reality. Nightly, they will dine together (courtesy of a revolving cast of chefs). Public readings of the novels-in-progress will be held every Saturday evening, with viewing hours throughout the week. On June 4th, each writer will emerge from his or her habitat, having completed a novel.

(Emphasis added.) Participating novelists are Laurie Stone, Ranbir Sidhu, and Grant Bailie, author of Cloud 8. (Thanks to Konundrum Engine‘s editor for the link.)

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