Some recent developments

A federal appeals court evidently ruled last week that bloggers can’t be held responsible for libel when they republish information. (Thanks to Matt for the link.)

In fiscal news, Bush’s “tax relief” acts have enabled the rich to rake in more than ever. Meanwhile, as states have had to close more than $200 billion worth of budget gaps since fiscal year 2001, many have cut arts funding in the last two years, and some are thinking of eliminating arts programs from their budgets altogether. (Via Moorish Girl, the NCSL, and That Rabbit Girl, respectively.)

Eavesdrop on this White House prayer meeting:

….By the way, Mr. God, have you ever thought about incorporating heaven? I can cut you a great deal. Heaven would become a subsidiary of Halliburton, incorporated in Grand Cayman. I guarantee you 23.5% of the stock….

(Via wood s lot.)

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