Private: Slow blog day

Here’s an exchange with coworkers on the likely resignation of two Supreme Court Justices (Rehnquist and O’Connor) in the next couple of months.

MP: chief justice clarence thomas?

Maud: Ugh.

MP: though the hearings might be fun!

GMB: Keep in mind….the Dems have been very successful in filibustering Owens and Estrada.

GMB: Fun? I hope that the dems filibuster until, say, November 8th of 2004.

MP: If so, I hope President Kerry appoints Cuomo – I don’t care how old Cuomo Slice is. Give him another chance!

GMB: I’m hoping that President Dean nominates Barney Frank (is he a lawyer?). Then I’m going to get me some popcorn and watch the zealot bastard thugs’ heads explode, one by one.

MP: If he did that, you’d have to wipe my grey matter off your cube walls.

MP: ok, I was just corrected. I was thinking of Gerry Studds. My head might not necessarily explode.

GMB: Thank goodness. All I kept on thinking about was how I would get the stains out of my cube.