Private: Shopping around the 80-year-old Salinger’s not-so-dirty laundry

Page Six reports that a “former staffer at Harold Ober Associates, which represents reclusive literary legend J.D. Salinger, is peddling a memoir that lifts the lid off Salinger’s secretive life.” The “juiciest bits” of this scintillating tome would include these revelations:

* that the author leads “a peaceful life in the wiles [sic] of New England,”

* the various maladies of Salinger’s pets,

* his favorite movie (The Lost Weekend),

* the news that “his house caught fire a number of years ago but has since been rebuilt,”

* that he “travels under several nom de plumes . . . but always uses the first name Jerry, since his wife can’t remember the more complicated ruses,”

* “contrary to popular opinion, he is not sitting on a wealth of manuscripts to be published after his death,”

* he “will never allow a movie version of ‘The Catcher In the Rye’ or any of his other books” and “the Katzenbergs and Weinsteins of the world would be outraged if they knew that their offers were never even passed on for consideration,” and

* Salinger is “all but deaf” and broke his “telephone enhancer thingey … in a rage and never bothered to replace it.”

(Via Publishers Lunch.)