Private: Seriously Funny

Found in The Art of Looking Sideways:

A serious work of philosophy could be written entirely of jokes.
Ludwig Wittgenstein

I urge you to run out right away and purchase a copy of The Art of Looking Sideways. That way, you can quote people like Wittgenstein without ever actually having read Wittgenstein. Plus the words are sure to look much prettier on the page in Looking Sideways than they do in the originals. (Mind you, I don’t actually know that, not for certain. But I’m willing to bet on it.)

The only Wittgenstein I’ve ever read is this, only mine wasn’t in audio form, I swear. Wait, does Wittgenstein’s Mistress count? No? Well, uh, anyway, it’s a really great book.

And how about that Wittgenstein? I hear he liked to tell jokes.