Private: Sequels by famous authors’ offspring

From Geoff Wolinetz’s “Some Sequels to Famous Books Written by The Original Authors’ Offspring“:

Harry Potter and the Spell of Corporate America
by J.L. Rowling

A recent graduate of Wizard College with a degree in liberal arts, 22-year old Harry Potter takes a job with WizardCo, a multinational wizard corporation specializing in the sale and manufacture of wizard and wizard-related garments. Attracted by the steady salary and his rationale that he could use some money before he goes back for his wizard master’s degree, Harry ultimately realizes that the things that attracted him to the job are now stifling him and sapping his every creative impulse. Harry ends up bitter and jaded, smoking Marlboro Reds at the corner of the bar in his local dive pub, screaming that it’s a “’Jack and Coke,’ not the other way around” to the bartender.

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