Sense of Place

The Guardian suggests several books that have a strong sense of place. Pasha and I were talking about setting some time ago. I was telling him that I have a (perhaps irrational) dislike for books with very strong, very specific settings. I think it has to do with early and frequent exposure to CanLit. Because we here in Canada are always in a bit of a neurotic twitter about our identity (think of it as a constant midlife/national identity crisis, visualize the Maple Leaf as a small red convertible) a lot of books published here attempt in some way to define what it is to be Canadian. So we end up with stories set in small town Ontario/British Columbia/Nova Scotia coming out the yingyang. I’ve grown to prefer stories that are somewhat mysterious about where they’re taking place. Stories that could take place anywhere, everywhere, or nowhere. But that’s just me. Still, the Guardian makes several of these books sound fantastic.

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