Private: Semicolons, part 2

Kevin, fellow Miamian and punctuation aficionado, shares a semicolon memory:

Once, many mango seasons ago, I was involved in a quarrel with a girlfriend…. She kept getting louder and more violent, and I continued to quietly hold on to reason. Eventually she exclaimed, “You are so fucking logical you talk dirty using semicolons!”

It remains, to this day, one of the best things anyone has ever said to me.

John Detrixhe writes:

I must side with Vonnegut, and not just because he survived the firebombing of Dresden, that the semicolon should be avoided almost as religiously as the exclamation point. The only place it’s fashionable to use a semicolon is in a Victorian literature course, immediately following an English major’s completion of a syntax course.

Such a sad thing, Mr. Detrixhe: so funny, and yet so terribly wrong.

Look, even Dorothy Parker used semicolons. Danger Blog! coincidentally points out that you can hear Ms. Parker reading her semicolon-laden poem, and others, here.