Private: Self-publishing, more

Robert McCrum recognizes the increasing importance of self-publishing, and cites a few success stores. Still, he says, “unless the author is immune to writer’s vanity, the established imprints, with all their disadvantages, will seem to offer a more secure future home than the kitchen table.” (Thanks to Emma Garman for the link.)

The proprietor of a Spanish-language bookstore in Queens told Newsday that:

Latino book buyers … are different from their Anglo counterparts…. Hispanics are not too keen on buying bestsellerswhether in English or Spanish; that’s good for him, he said, because keeping up with the latest tastes can be expensive …. “The Spanish reader likes to be pampered – ‘Tell me a good book to read based on my tastes,’ you hear a lot. They want to be told.'”

I’m so bored with the “Chick Lit” discussion, now, that I can hardly bring myself to link to anything concerning it, but here’s an article on the staying power of the genre.