Selections from “best of” lists

Oliver Pritchett offers his selections for the best new humor anthologies out of the U.K.

Roger Sabin selects The Complete Far Side as one of the best cartoon books of the year. Portajohnny and The New American Splendor Anthology also make the list of five.

Mark Sanderson lists his picks for best “star memoirs” of the year. (Actually, several of them are biographies.) Among Sanderson’s picks are the Sting memoir (get the flavor of that one courtesy of the Guardian), Stefan Kanfer’s Lucille Ball retrospective, and Julia Roberts Confidential: The Unofficial Biography, by Paul Donnelly. I last read a star biography in 1993, while I was laid up in bed for several months and on strong medication, so my opinion really doesn’t count for much. Still, Julia Roberts? Come on, now.

Nicholas Bagnall’s reference book selections include The Oxford Dictionary of Proverbs, edited by Jennifer Speake, The Oxford Dictionary of Nicknames, by Andrew Delahunty, The Penguin Guide to the Superstitions of Britain and Ireland by Steve Roud, The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Music, edited by Paul Du Noyer, Classical Music Encyclopedia, edited by Stanley Sadie, A Dictionary of Idiocy by Stephen Bayley, and The Oxford Dictionary of English.

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