Private: Selection from the week’s mail

A friend of Amy Bloom asks that his name be withheld but rebuts Gawker’s theory that Bloom is the author of what I’ve been calling the Midlist Author’s Lament. He says he wishes he could live in “ignorant bliss of this cynical Salon … marketing gesture,” as “apparently Amy Bloom was doing when I contacted her to ask if it was at all possible that Gawker had it right.” Bloom said unequivocally that she hadn’t written the article, her friend says. He goes on:

The banality of this matter was only matched by the totally off base guess that Amy Bloom wrote it. My sense is that anyone who either knows Amy or knows her writing would never make such an egregious and demeaning suggestion.

Fair enough. I’ll add Amy Bloom to the long list of midlist authors whose work I should try, then. I’ve admired her old pieces in the Salon archives.

Meanwhile, reponses to my post about hospitable southern cities continue to filter in, so I’ll wait until early next week to post those.