Salam Pax critiques book titles selected by international publishers

If you were put off by the title of the Baghdad Blogger’s Salam Pax: The Clandestine Diary of an Ordinary Iraqi, you’re in good company. Pax himself says:

Don’t you just hate that title? To start with I would never use a word like clandestine, and what is wrong with [Salam Pax: The Baghdad Blog]? It gets worse, the German title is [Let’s Get Bombed; greetings from Baghdad]. We did have a talk about these things but being the novice I am and sitting so far away from where all that was happening left me with a title like [Let’s get bombed], dear oh dear.

Responding to negative remarks about the title left on Amazon, Pax unearths archived blog entries to show that he doesn’t consider himself an average Iraqi. (Via J-Fly.)

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